CBD For Children

Health junkies are giving CBD their full-throated support. The cannabinoid is popping up in beverages, snacks, lotions, etc.

But is it safe to give children?

The Legal Side 

CBD will NOT get you high. It’s completely non-psychoactive. However, it is sourced from cannabis plants.

Obviously, getting a child intoxicated is illegal. Recreational cannabis products containing THC can only be purchased and consumed by adults aged 21 years and older. CBD, however, is a different story.

Extract artists can pull CBD from regular cannabis plants and from hemp, a cannabis breed that has almost no THC.

In December Congress passed the latest iteration of the Farm Bill, legalizing hemp nationwide. CBD is no longer in a legal quagmire.


The law is explicit. CBD derived from hemp is legal across the country and CBD derived from cannabis is legal in markets that allow recreational or medical dispensaries.

You can safely dose your child with CBD without worrying if the SWAT team is going to swoop in on you. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consult an expert before you start the regimen. It’s a good idea to speak with your child’s doctor.

The Personal Side 

So, why are parents even considering giving their kids CBD? Because it’s been demonstrated to help alleviate the symptoms of multiple serious conditions. It’s particularly useful for drug-resistant epilepsy, with patients even finding that remission is possible.


CBD has also been suggested as a treatment for anxiety and autism in children. Although it’s not psychoactive, some people that use CBD report feeling both mentally and physically relaxed. Parents are often wary about giving their kids pharmaceutical drugs if it’s not absolutely necessary, but CBD is prized because it’s natural.

The controversy surrounding kids using CBD is because of its association. As society continues to be inundated with messages promoting the cannabinoid, it’s likely that people will become more accepting.

In the meantime, you and your child’s physician can make the choice about CBD together. If you do decide to start treatment, you have options. The easiest way to ingest CBD is to use a tincture or a pill. Gummy bears are popular, but they’re also loaded with sugar. You might feel hesitant to give your kids such a sweet medicine.

Dosing amounts vary. The easiest way to figure out how much your child needs is to start small and work your way up.

Written by: Asia Mayfield

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