Empowering survivors of trauma and abuse to reclaim their lives through Yoga and Meditation. We’ve learned that meditation is a powerful tool to help transform chaos into calm and frustration into peace. Meditation offers a variety of paths; short and long, guided and silent, imagery and mantras. There's a practice suitable for everyone.  



Here are a few tips for meditation before you begin:

  • Find a comfortable position either seated or lying down. Feel free to use pillows or other props to help you feel more relaxed and at ease

  • Minimize distractions. If you can, try to find somewhere quiet to practice. If you do hear a noise, notice it and then let it go. You are in control of what you pay attention to.

  • Practice when it feels right for you. Perhaps in the morning when the mind and body are naturally more quiet, or in the afternoon and evening when you need a break from the obligations of the day.

  • Recognize that thoughts will still persist in your mind, and know that is normal. Meditation is a practice of coming back to the present without judgement. If you notice your mind wanders, just return to your meditation with an open mind. In that moment you are learning to discipline your mind to arrive more fully into your practice.

  • Have fun. Meditation is a way to explore your true authentic self. We are sometimes so focused on what we should or should not be, so here's an opportunity to JUST be. Have fun and let us know what you discover about yourself and your practice.

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