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Creating a Home Yoga Practice and Find Comfort During a Pandemic

Creating a Home Yoga Practice and Find Comfort During a Pandemic

Yoga is such a wonderful and effective way to relieve stress. We could all use a little more of that “zen” feeling during the pandemic. Finding that feeling can be difficult when yoga studios are closed and in-person classes are off the table.

This is why, if you’re missing classes, you should think about starting a home practice. Even before the pandemic, practicing yoga at home had some serious benefits. Strainslove can help you get started with the following compassionate and accessible tips.

Turn Your Home Into A Stress Sanctuary

Think about the last time you visited a yoga studio. What made that space so relaxing? Maybe it was the clean and clutter-free room or perhaps it was the ambient lighting. These elements are also important for setting up a stress-free space where you can practice at home.

Start by balancing out the energy in your home. Get rid of that clutter. Clean and organize what’s left. Then if you feel up to it, burn some sage while you open a few windows to let in some fresh air. In addition to supporting your home practice, these changes may even tame any arguments or tensions amongst your family members.

Now, find a little bit of space where you can practice free of distractions. Your practice space could be a corner or it could be an entire room. You just need a mat and maybe some props. Then, you can add soothing extras like a portable speaker, a diffuser, or soft lighting.

Find Accessible Online Yoga Classes

You can certainly practice on your own during lockdown. If, however, you typically practice in a classroom setting, doing so solo can be a challenge — not to mention that, if you are a beginner, knowing how to sequence poses to benefit your body is pretty intimidating. You can find written guides online, but sometimes it helps to have an instructor guide you.

This is why so many yoga studios are offering their classes online right now. You can ask your favorite local studios about their online offerings. But there are also some pretty popular instructors who offer their body-positive virtual classes and videos to yogis across the country.

If you’re going to check out online yoga classes, it’s also important to make sure that instructors are practicing ahimsa. Translated, this means “non-harming,” and in a yoga class, it means meeting students where they are and avoiding using terms that could cause harm. Some of the leaders in the movement for accessibility in yoga include Yoga for All and Mind Body Solutions.

Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Practice

Finally, you should think about adding meditation or some other form of mindfulness into your home yoga practice. Getting started with meditation can feel a bit odd if you’ve never done it before, but find a few minutes at the beginning or end of your yoga session to try it out. Some people find that it helps to focus on an object, while others prefer to focus on their breathing.

Being mindful about how poses feel, rather than how they look, can also be beneficial. Then you will feel much more comfortable making adjustments and modifications that will keep you comfortable and safe. Remember, this is your practice and you should enjoy it.

If you focus on how poses make you feel, you may also realize the benefits of trying other forms of yoga. Maybe you tend to take power yoga classes to burn calories and tone your body? Well, a more calming yin yoga practice could help you burn off anxiety during the pandemic. That’s the beauty of a home practice: you can try new things and explore them at your own pace.

Just because studios are closed doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the benefits of yoga. With a few steps and some basic equipment, you can set up your very own relaxing “studio” at home. Then you can use this space to follow along with classes, practice poses, and provide yourself with the loving self-care we all need in these stressful times.

For more natural wellness and health tools, check out the products, services, resources, and guides offered by Strainslove!

Article written by Sheila Johnson at WellSheila.net

Photo Credit: Pexels

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